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Luxury Poolside Escapes: Elevate Your Relaxation with Exquisite Pool Bars from Technical KH in Dubai

For many people, having a private pool in their backyard is the epitome of luxury. It’s a mesmerizing haven where you can unwind, get away from the stress of everyday life, and make priceless memories with loved ones. Every little detail matters when it comes to planning and creating your ideal pool, and a pool bar is one feature that may really improve your pool experience. Technical KH in Dubai provides the ideal answer with their stunning pool bars since they recognize the need for an opulent poolside getaway. These bars, which are seamlessly incorporated into your pool, offer unparalleled comfort, convenience, and entertainment, enabling you to lose yourself in the ultimate poolside paradise.

What Is A Pool Bar?

A pool bar is precisely a bar that is situated inside your swimming pool. This unique and fashionable feature combines the ease of swimming with the proximity of a bar, making it the perfect combination of relaxation and convenience. Usually, it’s a submerged bar counter with built-in seating so that you and your friends can interact and enjoy food and drinks without ever having to leave the water.

Features of Pool Bar

There are two primary sections of a pool bar: the wet side and the dry side.

Wet Side

The wet side of the pool has barstools that are positioned in a shallow area that is usually between thirty and forty-two inches deep. Swimmers can stay partially submerged at this depth and yet enjoy their preferred drinks. There is plenty of knee room thanks to the flat serving surface that is placed approximately six inches above the pool coping when combined with the barstools. The pool bar’s design can be altered to fit a variety of forms and aesthetic preferences, guaranteeing a smooth transition with the pool’s appearance.

Dry Side

You can have an array of features to the dry side of the pool bar, depending on your personal preferences. Think about adding a full outdoor kitchen that has features like a refrigerator and a grill to make food and beverages easier to serve. Installing a television here will also improve the entertainment value by enabling customers to partake in their drinks and catch up on their favorite shows. In addition, more seating options can be added to the dry side to create a warm and inviting area where guests can socialize and mix, poolside or not.


Features of Pool Bar

Ideal For Hosting Parties

Visitors can have meals, snacks, and drinks while submerged in the water. Adding a TV provides more entertainment alternatives.

Fantastic for children

Swim-up bars are great for serving food and non-alcoholic beverages as well as alcoholic ones. Without getting out of the pool, kids can enjoy swimming while meals or snacks are given.


By removing the requirement for a separate kitchen and sitting area, connecting the pool to an outdoor kitchen conserves room.

Luxurious Resort Ambience

Your backyard may be transformed into an opulent vacation spot with a pool bar and seats.

Choose Technical KH For Pool Bar Installation

Our extensive selection of materials, finishes, and features guarantees that your swim-up pool bar will precisely fulfill your aesthetic vision and enhance the atmosphere of your pool area as a whole. We can make your vision a reality, whether you're partial to contemporary tiles, natural stone countertops, or any other design feature.

We take into account various factors such as the size, shape, and depth of your pool, as well as the placement of seating areas, bar equipment, lighting, and overall aesthetics.

We provide a wide range of options to choose from, ensuring that you find the perfect materials, finishes, and features to match your style and preferences. Whether you prefer contemporary tiles, natural stone countertops, or other design elements, we have you covered.

Then, much like with a regular pool, the water from the infinity pool is returned to it via the pump and filter. We install the electrical and plumbing systems that your swimming pool bar needs to function, including the lighting, power outlets for bar equipment, drainage, filtration, and water supply.

All of the necessary bar equipment, including glassware, ice makers, refrigeration units, and bar stools, is sourced and installed by our team.

We put your customers' safety first by putting in place safety barriers, appropriate signage, and enough lighting to create a safe atmosphere in the swimming pool bar area.

Safety, Landscaping, and Handover

  • The installation of safety features such as railings, ladders, and non-slip surfaces guarantees that pool users are in a secure environment.
  • The pool surround is created with in partnership with landscape designers, integrating paths, decking and landscaping that blends in with the overall aesthetic and enhances the surrounding area. 
  • All pools established through extensive testing to make sure they run smoothly and the water chemistry balanced for a comfortable swim.
  • It takes final clearances from the appropriate authorities to guarantee that safety regulatories are followed. 

Construction and Installation

  • The construction process begins with careful site preparation and excavation, which makes sure the land is cleaned and suitable drainage and soil compaction techniques are put in place.
  • The pool’s foundation, walls, floor, and support components are then expertly built by craftsmen utilizing premium materials to guarantee long-lasting durability.
  • The installation of the required electrical connections, filtration systems, and plumbing lines is done by skilled electricians and plumbers. E.g , Pumps, filters, heaters, and chlorination systems

Features and Finishing

  • A waterproofing membrane is applied to stop leaks, and then carefully chosen surface materials like tiles, plaster, or other customized alternatives are applied to produce an aesthetically beautiful interior.
  • A waterproofing membrane is applied to stop leaks, and then carefully chosen surface materials like tiles, plaster, or other customized alternatives are applied to produce an aesthetically beautiful interior.

Consultation and Design

  • The preferences, needs, and budget of the client are thoroughly discussed at a thorough meeting. The ideal pool type—skimmer, infinity, or overflow—is selected.
  • The client’s concept is then brought to reality with the help of expert pool designers who produce intricate blueprints and 3D illustrations.